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Taking the Madness Out of the Hiring Process

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It’s that time of the year, March Madness, where millions of American’s fill out their NCAA Basketball brackets and painstakingly watch week by week when our favorites may fall out or the underdog rises to the top.

Some people go about filling out their bracket more on a whim, but many put a lot of calculated effort into choosing their teams, pouring over statistics and other news outlets to make sure their choices are solid.

Hiring employees can be a lot like choosing your teams for your bracket. Some seem to make choices more on a whim or gut feel, but others desire more evidence and proof that their choices are as solid as possible.

What if there was a way to provide stronger statistical evidence to show the likelihood of a candidate working in a particular role and your own team has the input on what that candidate profile should look like? It would be like having ESPN rank each candidate with many of the pros and cons on each. No candidate is ever perfect, just as no NCAA team is guaranteed to win the National Championship, but having as much information in front of you to make a sound decision is beneficial to all involved.

Hopefully your hiring statistics are better than most of those who fill out their bracket, but by utilizing an arsenal of tools that can help you make an informed choice and continue to increase your ability to hire and retain the correct candidate for the role can help improve those odds.

And, it’s not just about getting the person hired, we want to work with clients to make sure you are able to retain that talent for the long haul, and sometimes that involves taking an outside look at your current hiring practices and determine what could be implemented to help the process.

This is where we can step in with the consultation of our internal HR Consultant, Mike Koenecke.

It’s a review of your process by an industry certified professional.

Some questions that Mike can help answer for your hiring process:

  • Is it taking too much time from phone interview to final interview?
  • Is the interview process attracting today’s talent?
  • Could using assessments help to have a stronger barometer on the hires?
  • How can we better compare our current top talent to potential new hires?
  • Are we asking the right interview questions for this particular job?
  • Do we have an onboarding program so this new hire can be impressed with our company from day 1?
  • Do we have a program in place to help track the progress of that candidate throughout their first year of employment?

If those are questions you’ve ever thought about during your hiring process, Mike can help evaluate that and more.

This is a service not only for our recruiting clients, but to those who are interested in bettering their techniques, with or without utilizing our recruiting specific services.

We are available to help guide your hiring practices to enable you to have all the information you need to ensure you are making the best choice in the end and hopefully add that champion to your team.