• So, What Is Wrong With Polyester Shorts and Tube Socks Anyway?

    A few months ago, I was forced to go through some dresser drawers that I hadn’t touched in a long – ok, a long, long time - and what I found was shocking!  There, in the bottom of the drawer were some old tennis shorts and tube socks I had worn when I played competitive tennis many years ago.  I had to laugh because I could not believe we actually wore that stuff back then.  ...

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  • Mark Esfeld & Mark Waschek featured in Crop Life Magazine

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: "Getting Onboarding" article in Crop Life Magazine written by Ag 1 Source Recruiting Consultants Mark Esfeld and Mark Waschek Onboarding is a human resource (HR) practice gaining traction throughout the ag industry. This is a process focused on engaging new hires in their job and helping them understand and embrace overall company vision. However, many of us in the retail agronomy business are left asking a ...

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  • Networking!

    Networking!  How it can make you better in your existing role and prepare you for career advancement?  Let’s break down networking into what it really means. Networking breaks down into three words.  Net, a net or web built to catch something.  Working, the act of a person or thing that WORKS.  Sure, Networking does break down into only two words, BUT the third word that is so important is PEOPLE!  Networking is increasing the size of ...

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