Natalie Glunz

Natalie Glunz
Animal Health/Nutrition and Livestock Production Recruiting

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Natalie Glunz joined Ag 1 Source in July of 2015 as a recruiter with the Livestock Industry Team. Natalie focuses on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. states as well as Eastern Canada, working with Ron Hayden and specializing in livestock nutrition, genetics, and animal health roles with a strength in dairy-related positions.

Natalie is a very customer focused, driven, and results-oriented recruiter.  Her experience includes extensive experience in dairy nutrition at  Agway and sales and marketing support with Monsanto Dairy. She also gained valuable insights into operational and management roles through successful operation of her own recruiting firm from 2000 to 2008. These combined experiences yield an ability to deliver results quickly.

Natalie works out of her office in north-central Pennsylvania. She and her husband Ed of 27 years have two children in college.


“Natalie was instrumental in helping me consider different career options. I spoke to Natalie on numerous occasions and each time she would ask me direct key questions that would generate valuable thought and discussion. She was open to listening and was very knowledgeable about the Ag industry and the career options that were available. It was because of Natalie and some of her suggestions that I pursued and landed the job I am currently at now.” – Happy Candidate

“Wow!  With your help, we’ve finally found someone we can’t find anything wrong with!!!” – Happy Client