Mike Smith

Mike Smith

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Michael (Mike) Smith is the President and CEO of Ag 1 Source and Career 1 Source and has been involved in the recruitment industry since 1998.  He co-founded Ag 1 Source in 2002 and has developed and led teams in several successful business territories in the agronomy recruiting segment.  In 2008, he co- founded Career 1 Source following the same integrity-based model. In addition to recruiting, Mike conducts talent acquisition, training and development, and managing the companies’ ongoing personnel and business interests.

Active in FFA, Mike was the Star State Farmer of Kansas in 1978, earned his American Farmer Degree in 1979, and currently serves on the Kansas FFA Foundation Board of Trustees.  His career in sales began in 1983 at the retail level with Collingwood Grain in Southwest Kansas. A promotion to management virtually coincided with Collingwood Grain’s purchase into the ADM Grain Company. This led to experience leading and managing teams, expanding sales, hiring new employees, and ultimately delivering top profitability among his peers. Mike moved into the recruiting industry in 1998 where he has developed extensive working relationships with numerous candidates and companies nationwide.

Mike knows that credibility and integrity are not built overnight. It comes from years of delivering results that yield repeat customers. This is what Ag 1 Source and Career 1 Source are all about.


I have worked with Mike Smith as both an employee and in his current capacity as the President/CEO at Ag 1 Source and Career 1 Source and he is one of the most exceptional people I have ever known. His companies are the “go to” place if you need to find a key employee. He does a great job of listening to his customers and then his ability to be both detail oriented and analytical in his search for the right match results in a high probability of success for the hiring firm. I would not hesitate to use either Career 1 Source or Ag 1 Source to assist me with hiring the right employees and would certainly recommend his services for anyone else. – Satisfied Client

Mike, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your staff at Ag 1 Source. I know that without you and your company, I would never have been able to acquire the position that I currently hold. Ag 1 Source is a unique company in that you and your staff work to build a personal relationship with the candidates and work to find a perfect fit for each individual. Searching for a job is very stressful. Working through you made the search a pleasure. As you know well, I am a family man. You took the time to research areas that would not only fit me, but my family as well. You and your company are truly a rare find. I consider you a true friend. Thank you again for everything. – Satisfied Candidate

I would like to thank Mike Smith and Ag 1 Source for the outstanding professionalism and diligence in finding me the ideal job opportunity. After working with many different recruiters it was a pleasure to work with a company like Ag 1 Source. They truly work hard to put you in a position that fits your skills and personality. – Satisfied Candidate

Thanks Mike. I like the detail that you present for every candidate. Gives a great picture of what I want to begin asking in a phone interview to find out if they are accurately representing themselves. You guys are doing a great job. – Satisfied Client