Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

Rick Rupp and Ag 1 Source have proven to me that preparation and determination can move a person into a really great job.  Mr. Rupp coached me and gave me great advice and worked day and night to make sure I was prepared for my interview.  I did exactly what he recommended and landed a really great job with a great company.  I have tried other headhunters without the great results that I got from Mr. Rupp.  If you are serious about finding a great job, try Ag 1 Source!”


Mike, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your staff at Ag 1 Source. I know that without you and your company, I would never have been able to acquire the position that I currently hold. Ag 1 Source is a unique company in that you and your staff work to build a personal relationship with the candidates and work to find a perfect fit for each individual. Searching for a job is very stressful. Working through you made the search a pleasure. As you know well, I am a family man. You took the time to research areas that would not only fit me but my family as well. You and your company are truly a rare find. I consider you a true friend. Thank you again for everything.”


Rhonda is a fire-ball of action, always true to her word- if she said she would update me on a certain day, she would, even if she didn’t have “new” information. Looking for a new career is an emotional and perplexing process, but Rhonda walks through it with you, something I’ve never seen in another recruiter. She’s a trustworthy person and I couldn’t recommend her enough.”


“I had been an Ag Loan Officer in central Nebraska for 8 years.  This fall I decided it was time for a career change.  I had always wanted a job that allowed me to travel and be more directly involved in the beef industry.  I contacted Ag 1 Source about a pharmaceutical sales position that was available in central Nebraska.  The initial screening process was extensive, however once it was determined I would be a good fit for this position, I was very happy with the time, persistence and dedication that went into presenting me to the prospective employer. Thanks to the professionals at Ag 1 Source I now have the job I always wanted.  If you are ready to make change or looking for that all important first job, I would strongly recommend Ag 1 Source”  -Justin J.


“I first met Mark Waschek when I was a candidate and recognized right away that he was different than most Ag recruiters I had worked with. He has been in the industry and understood the roles I was seeking. Since that time, he has helped me find the ideal position for my situation and has continued to prove his value to me as a hiring manager. Mark is not just a recruiter, he is a resource to help me with hiring plans, compensation strategies, employee coaching ideas, and even marketing ideas.”Agronomy Manager, Wisconsin


Margaret has been a most valuable resource in my career efforts.  I believe she is very ethical and has her clients’ best interests at heart.  She was able to successfully help me, despite difficult circumstances.”


Doug is truly a professional and will always be honest and sincere in providing information on being recruited for a position or asking him to recruit for a position at your company. His ethic and personality is top notch and you will always be happy with the results he provides. – Operations Manager, NE


“I know it is a little early to say thanks, but the company that you matched me with looks to be perfect for me, and them.  I could have looked long and hard (and I did), and never would have found such a perfect match.  Rick Rupp did a spectacular job of asking the right questions to match my experience and background with my perfect employment opportunity.”


Rick was friendly, knowledgeable about the company I was interviewing with and seemed genuinely concerned about my career path. I credit Rick and Ag 1 source as a major reason I was able to land the position. Thanks.” -Scott


“I had the opportunity to work with Margaret in the Winter/Spring of 2011.  I was responding to a Job that she had posted on LinkedIn.  What I experienced with Margaret was absolute professionalism, sincerity, and a strong desire to match the candidate to the role.  She took the time to get to know me professionally as well as personally and was very thorough in confirming my work experience by connecting personally with each of my references.  Margaret made sure I was informed all the way through the process and prepared me for the offer and relocation discussion as well.  I’m thankful to Margaret for her influence in the role that I obtained as a Supply Chain Manager.  When I choose to make my next career move, I will definitely be reaching out to Margaret as my first experience was such a positive one.” – Dennis S., Supply Chain Manager


“I appreciate the time and hard work that you have put forth on my behalf. It has been a great experience. I really do feel that you care and work for the better interest of everyone involved. If I know of anyone in the market for a job, you will be the first name that I recommend. Again, thank you for the efforts on my behalf.”


Margaret, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.  I have never worked with such a dedicated, personable, and helpful recruiter.  I appreciate all that you have done for me and I will actively recommend you to all of my friends.”  – Donald L.


“My experience with Ag 1 Source could not have been more positive or effective. Within a matter of days Rick helped me secure an interview on really short notice and continued to follow up with great advice and ideas to help me in my next step. The dialogue with all three parties, Ag 1 Source, my perspective employer and myself was efficient and timely.”