Industry Affiliates

Industry Affiliated Companies that Ag 1 Source Recommends: 

Career 1 Source Career 1 Source is an affiliated company of
Ag 1 Source that focuses on non-agricultural industries. Current industry specialties include: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Trust, Investments, and Consulting. Trust and Integrity are key core characteristics of the Recruiting Consultants at Career 1 Source, just as they are at Ag 1 Source. Visit for information on non-agricultural positions.


Legasus Group, The Legasus Group, LC is a process-oriented advising firm targeting the unique needs and dynamics of family-owned businesses. In most instances, family-owned business clients have traveled many emotional miles to arrive at a point where they reach out for help. Legasus serves both the family and the family business and focuses on the intangibles –  processes, values, and the relationships among family members. When those work, the business tangibles can flourish.


Labor Management Advisory Group, When your company is in crisis, faces potential lawsuits, or needs immediate preventative measures put in place, Labor Management Advisory Group (LMAG) will provide management solutions that align with legal/regulatory requirements. Visit