Doug Trumble

Doug Trumble
Grain and Finance Recruiting

1-800-388-1214, ext. 0304

Doug Trumble is a recruiting specialist in the grain, accounting, and biofuels markets. He has been with Ag 1 Source since its founding in 2002, and he continues to build his reputation for finding key talent in many very rural locations.

Doug recruits for a wide range of positions including grain merchandisers and commodity originators, general managers, and operations managers as well as leaders in division management through the VP and CEO level. Doug also actively recruits in the biofuels segment, as that market is very closely related to the grain industry. Typical positions include ethanol plant managers and commodity risk managers. Doug has also placed a number of candidates in key accounting positions such as CFO, controller and staff accountant.

Doug’s 30+ years of agriculture business experience includes local cooperative management, grain company management, agronomy company management and ag lending. Doug has depth of knowledge and experience working in many of the major positions for which he recruits;  he has himself been hired for most of the very same positions at some point in his career.


“Doug is truly a professional and will always be honest and sincere in providing information on being recruited for a position or asking him to recruit for a position at your company. His ethic and personality is top notch and you will always be happy with the results he provides.” – Operations Manager, NE