Livestock Production

Livestock Production Recruiting

Ag 1 Source works with many of the most successful and reputable livestock production operations across the USA. Our Recruiting Consultants are industry specialists that partner with these operations to find talent that can make a positive impact on their bottom line.

Industry Sectors

  • Beef Cattle Production
  • Dairy Cattle Production
  • Dairy Processing
  • Swine Production

Livestock Production Recruiting Consultants

  • Shannon Worrell
    Specialty Area: Beef Industry
    Positions: Feedyard Manager, Controller/CFO, Department Supervisor, Feedmill Management, Nutritionist, Technical Service Vet, HR
    Geographical Focus: Southern and Southeast Regions
  • Ron Hayden
    Specialty Area: Swine Industry and Beef Industry
    Positions: Production Management, Department Supervisor, Feedmill Management, Controller/CFO, General Management, Operations, Nutritionist, Tech Service Vet, HR
    Geographical Focus: Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, and NE Regions
  • Natalie Glunz
    Specialty Area: Dairy and Feed Industry
    Positions: Farmgate Sales, Dealership Sales Reps, Territory Sales, Location Managers, Regional Sales Personnel
    Geographical Focus: PA, NY, MD, DE, NJ, NH, VT



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