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Ag Recruiter Highlight October 2016: Troy Schumacher

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Troy Schumacher

Troy Schumacher has been with Ag1Source for 3 years.  He is part of the Agronomy and Seed team, focusing his recruiting efforts in MN, MT, ND, SD.

Troy works out of a home office in the Twins Cities area, where he lives with family. His wife, Angie, is a stay at home mom to their four children, Caleb, Rebecca, Gabriel, and Luke.  Outside of work, Troy enjoys helping his father out on the family farm.

Troy was raised on a family farm and always wanted to be involved in agriculture in some way.  After attending South Dakota State University (SDSU), where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy, Troy had an internship scouting irrigated corn in southwest Nebraska.  This was his first opportunity to experience agriculture outside of southwest Minnesota which involved different methods, rotations, and practices.  Troy also spent time as a Rep for Dow in South Dakota and later returned home to Minnesota where he was a seed salesman for Pioneer.


Troy & Angie Schumacher with children: Caleb, Rebecca, Gabriel, & Luke

Why did you decide to become a recruiter for Ag1Source as opposed to another agency? I had worked with our current VP of Agronomy for Ag 1 Source, Mark Waschek and through him learned about the culture of Ag1Source.  As the possibility of joining the team was discussed, and I had the chance to learn more about our company’s approach to business, I was impressed!  Our two primary founders both come from agriculture.  When I interviewed for the role much of the questioning involved integrity and doing the right thing.  That is how we operate and our purpose in this business…doing the right thing for our clients and our candidates.

classic-cowboy-farmerWhat do you enjoy the most about being a recruiter for Ag1Source?  I enjoy the opportunity to talk with people every day that are in the field working in roles I’ve been in.  I love hearing how they are doing and what they are seeing in the marketplace.

What advice would you give a candidate who is considering using Ag1Source as their recruiter to help them find a new career? I hope you give me a chance to talk with you and get to know you.  I want to hear about your accomplishments!  Don’t wait until you are forced to make a change.  Many of the candidates I’ve worked with, I’ve gotten to know over a period of time and found out what type of opportunities would excite them, and what other needs they may have…a relocation, a career step, or just a better working environment.  When that type of role becomes available, I know who to call!

son-gabe-helping-plantWhat is the one thing that you would want clients to know about our services? We don’t submit every resume.  We screen out candidates that don’t fit your criteria and also recruit passive candidates that may not otherwise have applied to help find the best person.

troy-with-gabe-and-dad-combiningContact Troy to find your quality talent in the Agronomy & Seed Industry!

Troy Schumacher
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