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Ag 1 Source & Career 1 Source Announce Licensed Associate Certification With PDP Inc.

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July 12, 2016

The Ag 1 Source and Career 1 Source subsidiary, Destination Employer Services TM is now licensed to provide, service, and administer the suite of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP) behavioral talent solutions to its clients. PDP is a complete and integrated management system designed for selection, development and retention of high performing people. PDP uses:

  • Better matching people to jobs
  • Team behavioral dynamics
  • Behavioral job “benchmarking”
  • Employee & candidate behavioral profiling PDP-uses

“We are excited to not only provide a great assessment tool for our clients, but we now have the ability to empower them to become their own administrator of this talent management system, allowing us to be a One Source talent solutions provider.”
Mike Smith – CEO/Founder 

“Employee performance and retention are two factors critical to business success. Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult – if not impossible – to predict with a standard interview and screening process. That’s why we are so excited about PDP! It not only provides insight into a candidate’s ability to excel in a role, but also provides a map as to how a supervisor can enable maximum performance, as well as ensure they are the right fit for maximum tenure!”
Mark Waschek – Vice President – Agronomy, Partner

Since January 1st, 2016, Destination Employer Services has provided solutions to over 50 major clients, from Ag 1 Source & Career 1 Source, in various capacities to improve the measurement of talent thus enhancing the client customer service experience.

“I love this system not only because it confirms what I likely assumed already, but also because it confirms what I need to focus on after hiring them!”
Regional Sales Leader – Seed Company

“I’m glad to have this system added to our interview process……. We might have made a big mistake otherwise.”
CEO – Major Ag Retailer

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mike Koenecke HR Consultant for Destination Employer Services at 620.327.0320 or email at

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